Westover Metropolitan Airport

Designed and constructed to serve the needs of Chicopee Regional Airport. This facility will house the supplies and equipment required to maintain the runways and grounds.  

Palmer Police Station

New construction of a 20,000 square foot police headquarters. The building is a wood framed structure with a masonry façade. The interior spaces included a meeting room, dispatch room, fitness room, locker rooms, interrogation rooms, […] 

Holyoke Skate Park

New construction of a 8,000 square foot concrete skate park. The site work included the installation of a subsurface infiltration system, new plantings, and reworking existing utilities to accommodate the new construction. The park includes several […] 

Springfield Social Security Building

The 20,292 square foot Social Security Administration building is built at ground level with a two foot high above grade retaining wall berm around the perimeter of the building to meet homeland security requirements.